DJ Dave Dolphin is recognized as one of L.A. and Orange County's top Club D.J.'s. His portfolio features most of the best clubs in
L.A. and elsewhere. They include Louis XIV, Forty Deuce, Vertigo, Confetti, Metropolis, Chester's, Club Lingerie, Deep,
Voodoo Lounge, The Hard Rock Cafe, Guy's, The Metro, Mannikin, Club L.A., Mick's P.B., Stovepiper
and many
more (see Club List). He has also spun in Bali, Ibiza, Morocco, and Mexico. Dave has been essential in the underground dance
music scene since 1989, working with well known D.J.'s like Carl Cox, Mark Lewis, Doc Martin, Taylor and Eli Star to name a
few. Dave began his nightclub career back in 1982 in Denver at the world class nightclub, Confetti - Colorado's largest, and at the time,
most successful nightclub. While in Colorado he played at various clubs: Club L.A. Café Sante Fe, and the Piranah Room. In 1988, Dave
moved to San Diego, where he played at Metro, Mannikin, Mick's P.B. & Maxim's. In 1990, he moved to Norwalk where he opened
Cabrio's. Later he got the gig as DJ at "the world famous" Chester Drawers - in Costa Mesa, where he wowed crowds for over 10 years.
Somewhere in the mid- 90's, he landed a job at Louis XIV in Hollywood, where he DJ'd for about 5 years. From the 90's to present day,
he has worked numerous parties all over LA: underground clubs, raves, desert parties, Burning Man, global gigs and local living rooms.

"His ability to play different styles is unmatched - he has a great sense of the music - a true master of the mix!"

Dave and friends have thrown a number of "wilderness parties" with the Tri-amplified JBL "Dolphin Sound System" -
events which have proven to be fun, spiritual and memorable.

Dave Dolphin has released 17 promotional mix CD's and they have been received with great praise. ♫

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